Kalispell Alternator Repair

The alternator in your vehicle is what helps to recycle power and recharge electrical components. It powers everything from the headlights and radio, to the computer controlling the engine. Late-model vehicles are operated by computers in various locations in the vehicle. These computers must receive the proper voltage to operate normally. A failing alternator can cause symptoms ranging from a dead battery, to stalling, to electrical component such as the power windows to stop working. 

Many times a faulty alternator can be the result of a weak or faulty battery. The battery can cause the alternator to become overworked, making it fail prematurely.

If you suspect an issue with your vehicle's alternator, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into the experts here at Northwest Automotive in Kalispell, MT. Our ASE certified technicians are experienced in working with all makes and models of vehicles and can help repair any alternator problem that you may be experiencing. Our Kalispell auto repair shop has the latest tools and technology to accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle the first time around. 

"My battery light is on..."

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