Brake Replacement

The brake system is the most important safety feature on your vehicle. It is also one of the hardest working systems.

Depending on driving habits and road conditions, your brakes can last as long as 100k miles, or as little as 5k miles. Stop and go traffic can cause large amounts of heat to build up with insufficient time to cool back down between stops. This not only causes rapid wear of your brake pads/shoes, but also affects the metallurgy of the components. A common side effect of excessive heat is a vibration or pulsation while applying the brakes. This is caused from the rotor disc (or brake drum) warping due to high heat. The metal actually distorts, causing an uneven surface where the brake pads contact the rotor.

Rather than the visual inspection that most shops perform on your brakes, Northwest Automotive offers a Comprehensive Brake Inspection. This in-depth inspection includes removal of components to allow the technician to actually measure the various individual parts, and compare those with the manufacturer's specifications for a safe brake system.

-The most important safety feature