Kalispell Timing Belt Replacement 

Of all the mileage-based maintenance needs of a vehicle, replacing the timing belt is the most costly, and most important! On many vehicles, if the timing belt breaks, catastrophic engine damage can occur. The timing belt keeps the camshaft indexed (or timed) to the crankshaft. If this belt breaks, the pistons can smash into any open valves. This can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your engine. At Northwest Automotive in Kalispell, MT, our ASE certified technicians are experienced working on all makes and models of vehicles and can quickly replace a timing belt for your vehicle when needed. 

It is important to have the timing belt inspected regularly to check for any tears or signs of depreciation. A belt that is heavily worn or torn should be replaced quickly to ensure your safety on the road. Unfortunately, visually inspecting this belt can not only be difficult due to its location on the engine, but a visual inspection many times cannot estimate the internal condition of the belt. This is why all vehicles with a timing belt have a mileage-replacement interval.

On many vehicles, the timing belt also drives the water pump. It can save you time and money to replace it whenever the timing belt is replaced.

"Is my timing belt really that important?"

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